2012 Bi-State Action Plan

Bi-State Action Plan Cover Photo

The 2012 Bi-State Action Plan (BSAP) is a conservation tool that documents the coordinated efforts of Bi-State participants, the consensus of agency biologists on recommended strategies and actions for Bi-State Sage-Grouse conservation, and conservation measures that have been completed. It also provides a comprehensive framework of administrative actions, regulatory mechanisms, habitat improvement treatments, monitoring, and research in a science-based adaptive management approach.

Primary Goal of BSAP

The primary goal of the BSAP is to achieve conservation of sustainable habitats for the Bi-State Distinct Population Segment (DPS) by prioritizing actions where the results will be most beneficial. The focus of the actions will be on:

  • Protecting continuous blocks of unfragmented habitat
  • Restoring historic habitat that has been impacted by pinyon-juniper encroachment and wildfire re-establishing habitat connectivity
  • Securing permanent habitat conservation of important private lands