Additional Research

Counting sage-grouse at leks



Additional research on habitat use, conifer removal, sage-grouse populations and genetics as well as conservation strategies to improve the success of Bi-State sage-grouse have been completed. See below for links to published research.





Habitat Use & Conifer Removal

Pinyon and Juniper Encroachment into Sagebrush Ecosystems Impacts Distribution and Survival of Greater Sage-Grouse, 2017, by Peter S. Coates, Brian G. Prochazka, Mark A. Ricca, K. Ben Gustafson, Pilar Ziegler, Michael L. Casazza

​Encounters with Pinyon-Juniper Influence Riskier Movements in Greater Sage-Grouse Across the Great Basin, 2017, by Brian G. Prochazka, Peter S. Coates, Mark A. Ricca, Michael L. Casazza, K. Benjamin Gustafson, Josh M. Hull

Greater Sage-Grouse Nesting and Brood-Rearing Microhabitat in Nevada and California—Spatial Variation in Selection and Survival Patterns. Coates, P.S., Brussee, B.E., Ricca, M.A., Dudko, J.E., Prochazka, B.G., Espinosa, S.P., Casazza, M.L., and Delehanty, D.J. 2017.

Using Object-Based Image Analysis to Conduct High-Resolution Conifer Extraction at Regional Spatial Scales. Coates, P.S., Gustafson, K.B., Roth, C.L., Chenaille, M.P., Ricca, M.A., Mauch, K., Sanchez-Chopitea, E., Kroger, T.J., Perry, W.M., and Casazza, M.L. 2017.

Free-Roaming Horses Disrupt Greater Sage-Grouse Lekking Activity in the Great Basin. Muñoz, D.A., Coates, P.S., Ricca M.A. 2020.



A hierarchical integrated population model for greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) in the Bi-State Distinct Population Segment, California and Nevada, Open-File Report 2014-1165,  Prepared in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Wildlife, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by: Peter S. Coates, Brian J. Halstead, Erik J. Blomberg, Brianne Brussee, Kristy B. Howe, Lief Wiechman, Joel Tebbenkamp, Kerry P. Reese, Scott C. Gardner, and Michael L. Casazza. 2017.

Hierarchical Population Monitoring of Greater Sage-Grouse in Nevada and California: Identifying Populations in Peril and the Spatial Extent of the Threat. Coates, P.S., Prochazka, B.G., Ricca, M.A., Wann, G.T., Aldridge, C.L., Hanser, S.E., Doherty, K.E., O'Donnell, M.S., Edmunds, D.R., and Espinosa, S.P


Genomic single-nucleotide polymorphisms confirm that Gunnison and Greater sage-grouse are genetically well differentiated and that the Bi-State population is distinct, 2015, The Condor, by:
Sara J. Oyler-McCance, Robert S. Cornman, Kenneth L. Jones, and Jennifer Fike

Conservation Strategies

Range-wide connectivity of priority areas for Greater Sage-Grouse: Implications for long-term conservation from graph theory, the Condor, 2017, by: Michele R. Crist, Steven T. Knick, and Steven E. Hanser

Bi-State Partnership Success

2016 Duvall, AL, AL Metcalf, PS Coates. 2016. Conserving the Greater Sage-Grouse: A Social-Ecological Systems Case Study from the California-Nevada Region. Rangeland Ecology & Management.