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Bi-state sage-grouse communication and data coordinator


Bishop Students

Cora Van Nest and Emma Thornburg are the top writers for "How Do Scientists Help Their Communities"

Volunteer Group

Volunteers Remove Conifers in Bi-State Sage-Grouse Habitat

Bishop Paiute Tribe Pine Nut

Monty Bengochia (right), from the Bishop Paiute Tribe, tells a story about pine nut collecting as Steve Nelson, the field manager of the Bishop, Calif., Bureau of Land Management field office, Grace Newell, Forest Tribal Liaison for the Humboldt-Toyaibe National Forest, Grace Dick from the Bridgeport, Calif., Indian Colony and Bill Dunkelberger, Humboldt-Toyaibe National Forest supervisor, listen.  Credit: Dan Hottle/USFWS