Bi-State Sage Grouse Work Days in Green Creek

Eastern Sierra Land Trust and BLM collaborate to improve the sage brush ecosystem.


Sara Kokkelenberg and Tim Bartley of Eastern Sierra Land Trust, along with Nathan Bryan and Sheena Waters of the Bureau of Land Management - California's Bishop office, work to thin juniper seedlings in Bi-Sate sage grouse habitat near Bridgeport, Calif., Aug 23. Public and agency volunteers walked hundreds of acres of BLM and trust-owned lands for two days to remove encroaching conifers that out-compete sagebrush and other native plants for vital water and provide perches for avian predators. Pinyon pine and juniper thinning in grouse habitat is one of more than 70 projects outlined in the Bi-State Action Plan, an ongoing conservation plan managed by federal, state and local partners along the California-Nevada border to protect the species. 

Photo courtesy of Dan Hottle/ USFWS