Integrated Population Model


Bi-State partners have collaborated to conduct extensive monitoring of sage-grouse populations within the Bi-State DPS. Data regarding lek attendance, movement, and survival of sage-grouse across multiple life stages were documented. Specifically, sage-grouse from nearly all subpopulations were marked and tracked across multiple seasons using radio-telemetry techniques.

The USGS developed an integrated population modeling (IPM) approach to derive demographic parameters for the Bi-State DPS using the large amount of data collected over an extended period. This modeling approach allows integration of multiple data sources to inform population growth rates and population vital rates for the Bi-State DPS overall, as well as for individual subpopulations. These models are more informative than other models because they integrate inputs of demographic data (for example, survival and fertility rates) and survey data (for example, lek observations). The findings in the IPM help characterize population growth rates within the Bi-State DPS.