Bodie Group
The Collaborative Philosophy
Local Area Working Group Field Trip to Mt. Grant

The Bi-State Local Area Working Group (LAWG) was established in 2002, and initiated a collaborative approach for conservation of the Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage-Grouse, under the guidance of the Nevada Governor's Sage Grouse Conservation Team.

The LAWG provides an open forum for all interested parties to engage in Bi-State Sage-Grouse conservation and management. Participants include federal, state, and local governments; Native American tribes; non-profit organizations; ranchers and landowners; among others.


The mission of the Bi-State Tribal Natural Resources Committee (TNRC) is to promote, protect, and preserve good management of lands in the Bi-State through advocacy and education using a holistic approach. 

The purpose of the Committee is to educate and facilitate communication between Tribes and land management agencies.


The Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) established the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in late 2011, consisting of agency biologists, to provide technical expertise and guidance. The TAC revised the 2004 conservation plan into the 2012 Bi-State Action Plan (BSAP), with the assistance and input of the Local Area Working Group (LAWG) and EOC.


In 2011, the Bi-State Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) was established to: